The MooreRelief™ Method identifies the source of jaw pain, corrects it, and provides soft-tissue repair on a cellular level.

Wes Moore remembers, as a young boy, watching his grandfather struggle with chronic jaw issues. As a general dentist for over 30 years, Dr. Wes Moore went on to witness the long-term impact of jaw misalignment on his patients. These conditions affect more than oral and physical health.

These patients suffer mental and emotionally from the impact of their condition. “To see a patient come in, who has been on a liquid diet because of their jaw restrictions, leave our office happy, with tears of joy–that’s special. That’s something that makes me wake up in the morning.”


We discover the issue(s) surrounding your jaw pain. It may stem from things like trauma, previous dental work, TMJ/TMD, or a combination of things. For this process we use state of the art evaluation tools to identify problems. At the end of this step, we will have a technical medical diagnosis and plan for treatment.



We may discover that your treatment path requires some aligning and contouring. During this step, we physically reshape any topographical issues that may be preventing jaw alignment. Think of a chair with uneven legs. Your jaw is a bit like that. Dr. Moore will meticulously correct areas that are causing instability.



This therapy involves the use of our MLS (Multiwave Locked System) Laser Therapy machine. This painless, in-office therapy uses a combination of wavelengths to reduce pain and inflammation. It stimulates cellular restoration in tendons, ligaments, and muscles—increasing healing time by 30%.