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Loyalty Plan

Dental Savings Plan
Many patients postpone dental care because it feels like an expense they can't budget.

We believe you deserve the best dental care—even if you don’t have dental insurance—at a price you can afford. That way, today’s pain doesn’t escalate to tomorrow’s emergency.

Due to the rising cost of healthcare and the decrease in dental benefits, Moore Dental Care is offering an alternative to dental insurance plans that include coverages for those without insurance and those who currently have some form of coverage.

The plans are as follows:

Part A



Those with NO coverage

  • Max $10,000/Family

  • 2 Cleanings Per Year

  • 4 Bite Wing X-Rays

  • All Check-Up Exam Fees

  • Oral Cancer Screening

  • 15% Off All Dental Procedures

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Part B



Those with Dental Insurance

  • Includes Benefits of Plan A

  • Enroll at Anytime

  • 15% Off All Dental Procedures

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Moore Dental Care Loyalty Value

  • 15% Off Sealants
  • 15% Off Fillings
  • 15% Off Periodontal Services
  • 15% Off Extractions
  • 15% Off Crown and Bridge Services
  • 15% Off Endodontic Services
  • 15% Off Dentures
  • 15% Off Implants Services
  • 15% Off Orthodontics